Fan coil cold water pipe condensation
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Fan coil cold water pipe condensation

First, the phenomenon: a hotel room horizontal dark fan coil units, the summer often from the ceiling water down.

The reason: condensate pipe concentrated discharge fan coil, the space can not be on the top of the slope of the condensed water meet the requirements, resulting in no slope even reverse slope, the water dripping water after discharged out, after the ceiling to overflow.

Countermeasures: in order to minimize the damage to the ceiling and reduce the cost of rework, the drain pipe of the condensed water pan is connected to the floor drain of the toilet. The condensate pipe will be changed from the centralized drainage to the connection to the toilet.

Two, the phenomenon: a hotel lobby with horizontal recessed fan coil, the condensed water discharged out, full of turbulence, great influence. - marine air conditioning

Reason: limited by the construction condition, the condensate pipe of fan coil pipe is not slope.

Countermeasures: building renovation, the condensate pipe made a slope of more than I=0.01, only to solve the problem.

Three, the phenomenon: the ceiling is often soaked, serious when the mineral wool ceiling bubble show through, and falling down.

The reason: the cold water pipe insulation is not good, not close to the thermal insulation material in the pipe, the pipe insulation with a small hole or not tight, the air inside the pipe wall with condensation water, the more the more water is not necessarily in what position the flow out of the wet ceiling. Serious will even make a bubble through mineral wool ceiling board, ceiling collapse, and unnecessary consumption of cold, resulting in energy waste.

Countermeasures: in addition to construction attention, in the design of thermal insulation materials should be emphasized. The polyurethane foam (self extinguishing) tile is glued onto the pipe at present, or it is directly foamed with polyester.

Four, the phenomenon of a hotel: horizontal recessed fan coil, condensation water overflowing into the room on the roof, wet ceiling, destroy the decoration, were forced to turn off hundreds of fan coil, the air conditioning load is greatly reduced, can not be the normal operation of refrigerator.


1) cold water pipes, valves, fresh air pipes are insulated foam plastic, and with the tube wall, cracks are not wrapped properly, produce a large amount of condensed water, along the cold water pipe flow, so that the insulation layer does not work.

2) the slope of the condensate pipe is too small, or even no slope, resulting in condensation of water in the catchment disk, and damaged the ceiling decoration.

3) a lot of fan coils have been stopped, and the cold water is getting lower and lower, reaching 2~3 DEG C, and the freezing system is too small for each layer. The load is too small and is often forced to stop.


1., to the cold water pipe, valve, fresh air pipe again insulation, use foam polyurethane, put an end to pipe condensation water.

2. adjust the gradient and direction of the condensate pipe, so that the water in the catchment disc is discharged smoothly.

3., the freezing of the four loop combined into two ring, to solve the problem due to small load trip and stop.

Lesson: there are many instances of such problems, which have a great impact. Especially in some high hotels, rooms, halls and so on, the building decoration teaching more exquisite, luxury ceiling, beautiful wallpaper, advanced carpet, the result of air-conditioning system dripping, all of this will be destroyed. It's very inconvenient to repair it in front of the guest. What's more, every two days, we get the fan coil of guest room to water once, otherwise it will go down.


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