Guangdong Head-Power Air conditioning Co. Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise, the company was founded more than 10 years, based on the demand of social development, is committed to innovation of air conditioning and heat pump technology upgrade, and continuously forge ahead, to achieve new glories.

     company products include the whole series of multi scale energy recovery heat pump type air units, cold and hot water unit, heat pump unit type air conditioning unit, roof type air conditioner, precision air conditioning, dehumidifier, explosion-proof air conditioning and air handling equipment and air conditioning terminal device has a solution humidity and air units (evaporative condensing heat pump total) a variety of fresh air heat recovery unit and efficient heat recovery heat pump air conditioning system equipment, its application is from building heating equipment of air conditioning cold and heat source to ship outfitting, explosion-proof air conditioning and refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and other special chemical process.

       company regards quality as the life of an enterprise, and its products have been certified by ISO9001 international quality system, ISO14001 environment system certification, and obtain refrigeration products production license (number: XK06-015-01217) and explosion-proof products certificate; new "company independent research and development of double effect heat pump heat recovery air handling unit" and "solution humidity integrated air conditioner" has been identified as high-tech products in Guangdong province; at the same time, the companys products, double effect heat pump coupled solution humidity integrated air conditioner for SME innovation fund project, the company of scientific and technological achievements "heat pump energy recovery technology and its application in air conditioning" by Guangdong provincial science and technology department as the leading domestic products for export; also has CCS, CE, SC and other international certification. Companies in accordance with relevant national standards to complete the construction of related product testing platform, each type of products are required through rigorous configuration experiments, tests and test runs under harsh conditions, such as a series of standardized testing.

        company adheres to the concept of "scientific and technological innovation, wisdom to create the future", with the goal of "high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection", and constantly pursues technological progress. At present, the company has obtained 4 national invention patents (patent number ZL 200910246621.7 and ZL 200910246620.2) and more than 10 utility models patents. The company has established long-term cooperative relations with famous universities such as Central South University, and invited authoritative experts to serve as consultants and technicians, so as to timely grasp the leading edge of engineering technology development.

The company actively involved in standard and standardization "has been edited by the HVAC system cleaning equipment terminology" (GB/T29909-2013) national standards and local standards of Guangdong province "the application of liquid desiccant air conditioning technical conditions" (DB44/T1611-2015) and participate in the preparation of complete "code for design of heating ventilation and air conditioning in chemical industry" (HG/T20698-2009) industry engineering specifications. At present, the company is also the Secretariat of the standardization and Technical Committee of HVAC and purification equipment in Guangdong province. It has presided over the formulation of the local standards of Guangdong Province, such as "heat pump type, full heat recovery, multi-functional new wind" and many other local standards.

       as the product has been widely used in various construction projects and production processes at home and abroad, the company has established an excellent brand image in the industry. The company will continue to make unremitting efforts to join hands with colleagues in the industry to create a better future.

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